Friday, July 12, 2013


I can't believe I'm leaving tomorrow. One word: wow. I finished packing up all my things, and my room currently looks exactly like the way it looked the 1st day I got here. It's pretty crazy knowing that I've been here for 3 weeks already though. It certainly doesn't feel like it and seeing my room empty again made everything hit me suddenly. It's bittersweet I have to say. I probably will not see a majority of the people I've met here ever again, but I am happy to see my family and friends back home.

Our final began at 10 AM and lasted until noon. It consisted of one long essay (1 hour), two shorter essays (20 minutes each), and 5 short answers (20 minutes total). It was cumulative, so all thirteen philosophers/thinkers we've covered in the course were tested on. I went into that lecture hall feeling prepared to take that final (However, I don't want to say anymore on how I think I did because I don't want to jinx everything..) After the 2 hours were up, my brain was literally fried. It was a good feeling though, strangely. That moment I handed in my test booklet, I felt accomplished for finishing a college course. It was a really good feeling, but I immediately grew sad after some of the students came up to me saying that their flights were leaving in a few hours. They therefore were not going to graduation tomorrow, and it really forced me to realized that summer college is over. 

After saying goodbye to some, a group of us ate lunch at Trillium for the last time. Monica and I stuck with the usual taco salad-- the meal we would both miss the most. I started to pack already once I got back into my dorm. Wanting to celebrate the end of finals, some floor mates and I went to a creek nearby for a swim. It was really relaxing and stress-free. We stayed there for about 2 hours, and then had to come back so I could get ready for the talent show I was going to perform in! I was very scared, but having a piano on my floor gave me a significant amount of time to practice for it during study breaks throughout the 3 weeks. I like to consider this the 1st time I ever performed in front of a crowd and although I was really scared before going up, I did end up having a lot of fun. The crowd was very supportive and all of my friends from my floor came to watch me as well. 

After the talent show was over, the rest of my night consisted packing and spending the last night with my floor mates. I really don't want to leave this place at all, but I am ready to go back home-- if that makes any sense at all.

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