Thursday, July 11, 2013


Jenna, Christian and I are currently reviewing for tomorrow's final together! Quizzing each other on the political theories of the 13 philosophers we've learned in this course, we are feeling more and more prepared. We will probably have to stay awake a bit longer to study though because we are still clarifying on some of the later readings. Luckily, Professor Kramnick was so kind to push the the final time back to 10 AM tomorrow (an hour later than the usual class start time) so we can get a chance to sleep in. 

Today in lecture, we finished learning about our last two thinkers required for the course: Martin Luther King Jr. and Malcolm X. Both pushed for racial equality, but each took a very different approach to reach it. While MLK advocated nonviolent resistance and civil disobedience, Malcolm X encouraged violence when necessary. Malcolm X also focused on the concept of black nationalism, hoping to create an entirely new nation for the black community. It was interesting to see how two thinkers of the same time period had such different processes in order to reach the same goal. Kramnick ended our very last lecture with a few quotes as well as a farewell message. 

After class, a group of Freedom and Justice students met up at the Balch Unit 1 Lounge for a study group. It was very helpful, for whenever any of us was unclear on something another student was able to contribute and help out. We then had our last office hours with Nolan, and he did some last minute review with us on each philosopher. 

I apologize once again for having to keep this post so short! 

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