Saturday, July 13, 2013

Home already?

Checking out
(This post was written at 8 PM on the plane back to California) After spending three amazing weeks at Cornell University, my journey has finally come to an end. I will be back home in a couple of hours, and I still can’t believe how fast these weeks have gone by. I spent the last night in my dorm and it felt really weird waking up to an empty dorm room. I got out of bed this morning at 8:15 AM as my roommate was checking out. After we said our goodbyes, Christian and I went down to RPCC for the final time for a quick breakfast before checking out. The two of us met up with Mr. Chan-law at 9:45 AM after so we could drop off our suitcases at the airport before attending our graduation. 

Professor Kramnick and I
Graduation began at 11 AM. Jim Schechter, the Cornell summer program director, opened the graduation ceremony with a quick introduction. Each summer course professor then went up one by one, calling out the names of their students while the TAs handed out the certificates. I honestly feel so lucky to have gotten the chance to learn from Professor Kramnick as well as Nolan, my wonderful TA. I will miss everything about the class so much—from the material we learned in the course and how Professor Kramnick taught the class, to the incredible people and now life-long friends I’ve made in the class. After the ceremony, all of us took pictures with each other, and said our final goodbyes.
Monica and I after graduation
The cohort met at the Statler hotel with Mr. Chan-law, and we ate our last meal as a group at Taverna Banfi in the hotel. The food was delicious, and we took our time before heading to the airport. Our first flight was about 50 minutes long to Philadelphia. From there, we made a transfer and the flight to California boarded at around 6:25 PM.

I told myself that I was definitely going to start crying on the plane ride back, but strangely, I’m not crying at all. I’m not sure exactly how I feel at the moment.

Once I get home, I’m definitely going straight to sleep. Today has been a very long day running from place to place and being able to sleep in my own bed again just sounds amazing right now.
Back in SF

I literally can’t wait to see my family at the SF airport in a few hours. I missed them so so much while I was in Ithaca and seeing them tonight will be the highlight of my day. 
Last group photo with the Cornell cohort and chaperone Mr. Chan-law at the SF airport

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