Saturday, May 18, 2013

Always Searching, Learning

I walked into the noisy room filled with well-dressed people promptly at 6 pm not knowing what to expect. I scanned the room as I noticed that everyone had on a curious mixed with an anxious look. I was equally nervous until I found familiar faces- my cohort- and I felt a bit more relieved. It was nice seeing everyone again as we updated each other a bit about our lives before the meeting was called to order.

The meeting began in a professional manner with representatives voicing their opinions regarding a program at Gompers, a continuation school. Because this was my first time witnessing a school board meeting, I was definitely intrigued by the intricate steps that needed to be taken in order to either approve or deny a proposal. Afterwards, the cohorts along with their chaperones for each Ivy League program stood up to represent their school. The chaperone and one member of from each cohort said a few words on behalf of their entire group.

My cohort, chaperone, Mr. Chanlaw and I, representing Cornell University were 4th in line to go up. As I stood confidently next to my cohort as well as the school's banner, it suddenly hit me that I was actually going to be on the East Coast in just a little over a month. It made me suddenly reflect on my entire process to get to where I was that very moment thus far- from the essays, to the interviews, to the forms for Cornell. It has already been a busy few months, but it was just the beginning-- I quickly snapped out of it and made sure I was refocused for the rest of the school board meeting. Michelle, who did a great job in front of the crowd, was the chosen speaker from our cohort.

I am extremely grateful for everyone- Don, Ms. Kronenberg, Mr. Ramsey, and the donors for putting in so much dedication and support into us. My journey to the East Coast has not begun yet, but being given this opportunity is just amazing, and I know my trip there will be life changing. 

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