Friday, June 28, 2013

A Monstrous Week

It's hard to believe that it's already been one week since we first landed in Ithaca--they time just flew by! The past week has been somewhat hectic and stressful due to the long work hours, so I'm looking forward to the short reprieve that Saturday is sure to bring. 

Fortunately, today's class wasn't set to begin until 9:30 AM. Unfortunately, my group had decided to meet up in the computer lab at 8:00 AM in order to discuss our presentation. During this one our deliberation period, my group had decided to give our presentation a theme; we would be presenting as various affiliates of Hilton Worldwide.I would be playing the role of faithful customer of the Hilton franchise, who was giving a testimony on the her wonderful experiences as a premium member of Hilton's guest loyalty program, Hilton HHonors. 

From 9:00 AM to 11:30 AM, the entire class spent their time editing and re-editing their CHESS Memos. Since the assignment is worth a whopping 10% of our total class, everyone took extra care to make their memos as close to perfect as possible. It wasn't until I went through six drafts and six hours of work that I submitted by final version.This experience has put into perspective just how demanding the business is--you only have one chance to make an impression, and as such you constantly have to review and proofread your work in order to ensure that it is of acceptable quality. 

After lunch, Mark and Reneta gave the class time to work on the group projects. My used the by conducting research and formatting our PowerPoint. By the end of class at 3:30 PM, my group was able to get a sizable amount of work done, and we left the building with our designated assignments. 

At 7:15 PM, Mr. Chan-Law to the others girls and I to Ithaca's local movie theater to catch the 8:00 PM viewing of Pixar's Monsters University. The movie is a prequel to Monster Inc. and describes the previous film's cast in a college setting. I really enjoyed the film, although I concede that the original was slightly better. After the movie we were treated to ice cream Purity Ice cream, providing a nice conclusion to our first week at Cornell University. 

Mark and Reneta claim that the first week of Hotel Operations is the hardest and that afterwards, everything will become much easier. I honestly hope that what they said is true, as this course is proving to be particularly challenging. However I understand that the majority of this courses difficulty stems from it's accelerated nature, so I suppose that the material itself isn't the problem, just the pacing. Hopefully, I will be able to adjust before the end of next week. 

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