Monday, June 17, 2013

Whiling the Hours Away

It's hard to believe that in less than ten hours, I'll be on a plane headed towards one of the nation's most famous cities--Chicago. It's even harder to believe that just a few days after that, I'll be on yet another plane ride to one of the world's most prestigious schools--Cornell University. This is truly a unique opportunity, as I have the privilege to experience things that most people do not get to experience until their adult years. As of know, I'm feeling a mixture of anxiety and anticipation; on one hand, I'm nervous about the difficulty level of infamously rigorous course, Hotel Operations: Tactics for Profitability. On the other, it's the supposed challenging nature of the course that has me so excited in the first place, as I'm sure that it will make the class all the more engaging and enthralling. 

In order to prepare for my incoming departure, I've taken the necessary steps to familiarize myself with the ins and outs of the hospitality industry. I've recently finished reading Isadore Sharp's Four Seasons: The Story of a Business Philosophy, a memoir in which Sharp details the history of both Sharp and his eponymous hotel chain. As the book delves into Sharp's personal history, the reader can clearly see how the combination of  Sharp's past and his endless ambition led to him becoming one of the world's foremost entrepreneurs. This book is required reading for not only the students of Cornell University's Hotel Operations Management: Tactics for Profitability, but for any individual wishing to find success in the world of business as the book provides much insight on the skills and methodologies needed to run a successful hotel. I've also began reading articles from Hotel News Now, a online newsletter  that provides information on the most up to date and innovative business strategies. 

On this trip, I hope to find out more about my academic strengths. Currently, I'm not entirely sure of what I'd like to major in college; I have a passion for English and Literature, but I'm somewhat wary of choosing either subject as a major due to the horror stories I hear of post-graduate English majors and the few job opportunities they find themselves with. I hope that this summer with help spark an unearthed passion of business within myself, so that I may be able to broaden my opportunities in college. 

Right now I'm merely counting down the hours until it's time to go. I'm more than ready to leave--my bags are all packed and accounted for. While I'm not looking forward to saying goodbye to my mother, I am looking forward to saying hello to all of the new experiences I'm sure to engage in this summer. 

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  1. One thing you can be sure of, Tomi, is that you’ll change majors a half dozen times before you decide. That’s one of the reasons these schools require you to take a broad spectrum of courses so you’re exposed to more than what you think might be your future profession.