Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Second The Best

Since I live in Pinole, but go to school in Hercules, I got to attend two Council Meetings. The Council Chamber was empty when I arrived, but it’s better to be early than late. I wasn’t as nervous at this Council Meeting. I’ve gotten quite comfortable with public speaking. I didn’t prepare anything so that I’d speak from my heart. Of course it's also nice to prepare a few points so that the speech isn't stilted or confusing. 

I’ve realized that the more I spoke at events, the less nervous I was. However, my decrease in nervousness may also be due to the presence of my friends from Hercules. I didn’t know most people at the Pinole Council Meeting. As a speaker, I like to make sure my audience is listening, so I rely on being entertaining. I’ve noticed that I like to make my audience laugh. If my audience doesn’t laugh, I feel as if I’ve somehow failed. Today, my audience definitely laughed. I thought my speech today was better than the one I gave for the Pinole Council Meeting. After all, practice makes perfect. By the end of summer, I'm sure I'll be even more comfortable speaking in front of people. 

All those who spoke, did so very nicely. It was nice to hear that we all share the common goal of recruiting more ILCers next year. After our experiences, we'd come back and share it with other students. Those who never thought of leaving California would be so inspired that they'd want us to prepare them right away.

In exactly one week, I will be in Chicago! Tonight was the final milestone before heading off to be ambassadors. It’s not just a summer trip, but a summer job. I just can’t wait to represent our communities! I'll definitely work hard and not let down all those who've supported me. Thanks to all those who support the ILC!

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