Tuesday, June 25, 2013


This class moves so quickly, you wouldn't even believe it! If you think about it, it makes sense because everything is being condensed into three weeks! We started by learning new vocabulary words such as standardize, quality control, and productivity. Standardize and quality control basically mean that you're keeping a consistent image of a brand and you're maintaining the quality of the brand. It's imperative that you uphold the standards so that your one hotel doesn't make the whole franchise look bad. Reneta continued her lecture with my group, Group A, while Group B headed off to the computer lab.

We had lunch at Trilliam. We had to start brainstorming our group norms before the end of office hours, so my team ate lunch together. We decided that it was important for us to attend classes and meetings on time, make sure to pick-up calls, and put all decisions to a vote. We came up with a total of six norms! We had a little time left, so we wanted to go to the computer lab and start typing it up, but we ran out of time. It was okay though because we were still on schedule.

The groups switched, so we were now in the computer lab. We went in-depth about Microsoft Word. See, a lot of us press the space bar until each line is aligned or we take a lot longer to organize things. Every time there's a short way there's a long way, but why do the long way? It took a while to pick up everything, but I caught on and asked my classmates to make sure later on. Since we got to learn how to format a nice memorandum, we not had a template of what we could do for our norms.

We took another short break and our companies were revealed. My group's company is the Marriott. We're glad we got the Marriott because it's one of the most successful companies and it's publicly owned, so we can find more information about the hotel. During office hours, we got to do our reading assignments and perfect our norms memo. Three of us typed up the norms and explanations to each. Bhavesh had to leave early for an international student's immunization check, so Irene added onto his explanation. Ellis formatted the paper. We all decided what we wanted it to look like and found ways to shrink the paper because the maximum was one page. We added colors that matched the Marriott, but when we printed it out, it only came out in black and white. I'm responsible for keeping it, so I have to be really on time and careful with it!
The  memo my team created

A group of us were finishing dinner when we decided to have a group study session! Rochelle, Sammy, Sherry, and I studied in the RPCC. Sammy is a student from Maryland! We took turns quizzing each other on vocabulary and writing down any notes that we may have missed. Sherry taught us the Microsoft parts. Sammy and I were the ones big on vocabulary. I felt much more prepared for the class afterwards! On our way to the dorms, an international student from China and a student from Hong Kong overhead Sherry and I talking about Hong Kong. They immediately started speaking to Sherry in Cantonese, another Chinese dialect. I speak Cantonese with my family, but we speak so many languages at home and I'm usually at school speaking English, so I guess I used a verb incorrectly. I don't think they think they thought much of my Cantonese afterwards. It wasn't a big deal, but I really want to learn more about my culture and language when I get back home. The  international students really reminded me to keep in touch with my roots.

Sammy, myself, Maggie, Rochelle, Sheunghon, and Sherry

Our floor just happened to be hosting an ice-cream sandwich party in the lobby. I met another  new friend, Serena. Coincidentally, she's also an international student from China, but she speaks Mandarin. I found out that she's also in my class, but I haven't gotten to know her because we're in different groups and I keep my focus on Reneta and Mark during class. She lives in a double right next to me. We exchanged notes. It was nice to read the notes again and by a different person because she wrote notes easy for her to understand. It was easy to read because she broke everything down into simple, easy to remember notes.

Besides learning more about hotel terms, I learned more team skills, more about myself, and a better way to study. From now on, I'll ask a group of friends to study together so that studying is more exciting and effective. Everyone here has a creative mind and different strengths to offer.

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