Sunday, June 30, 2013

Locke and Load

I awoke to pleasant rays of sunlight and peaceful silence this Sunday morning. However, I felt a little strange. Usually on Sunday mornings my mother or father enters my bedroom at promptly 7:30 AM to awake me for church; actually I woke at exactly that time before realizing my church is about three thousand miles away. A touch of homesickness overcame me and I felt dismayed knowing that I will not be seeing the usual faces of the other church members that I have grown up with today, or for the next two Sundays. In an effort to relieve myself of this feeling, I went back to sleep for a couple of more hours.

At 10 AM, I woke up and got ready for the day. I did not have anything planned expect finish my weekend readings of John Locke and the Plato essay. While I was walking to RPCC for breakfast, I overheard the people walking in the opposite direction complaining that it is closed and will not open until 11 AM. Instead of returning to my dorm to just anxiously wait for the building to reopen, I grabbed my Princeton reader and course packet and got some more reading done for about an hour.

After brunch, I returned to my room and called my parents. Unfortunately, I was unable to attend my brother's graduation party yesterday. My mother emailed me pictures and highlight videos from the celebration, but once again, I felt homesick. I was there for him during the formal graduation ceremony held at our school, but not being with him and my family to honor this important milestone in his life made me feel guilty. Fortunately, my parents and brother completely understood my absence and were one-hundred percent supportive of my travel to the East Coast. I am realizing that my family is truly there for me and I do not think that I would have known this fact if I did not join the ILC; thank you for opening my eyes to the love and support that I have from my family.

I was finally able to do laundry this evening, but the completing this task took more effort than it should have.
The empty laundry room
Once I entered the laundry room downstairs, I placed my clothing and laundry detergent in the washing machine and swiped my ID card to pay. However, the machine said that my balance was currently at zero. Confused, I raced upstairs and asked my RCA what I can do to resolve this issue. She informed that I could go to the Service Center at RPCC and give one of the associates a certain amount of money for them to transfer onto my card. I ran as fast as I could to the building and the problem evaporated once I received the receipt showing me that there was currently six dollars in my laundry account; that's all I had in my pocket at the time. Unfortunately, it rained a little while I was walking back to the laundry room. Everything worked out in the end and now my clothes are clean, which is all I wanted.

Now the rest of my evening is dedicated to completing my Plato essay. I need a good night's sleep tonight because we will be discussing the theories of John Locke tomorrow. 

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