Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Together Everyone Achieves More

In the computer lab today, we worked with Microsoft Word. I’m usually good with Microsoft Word because I do all my essays using it. When Mark taught us how to make a memo though, I felt like I didn’t know how to use Microsoft Word at all. Whenever I use Word, I only use a few controls and I never thought to try out the other ones. It turns out that I’ve been missing out on a lot! Previously, I’d open Word and just use whatever font was the default. Mark told us to control Word and not let it control us. As I indented margins and aligned my paragraphs, I found more and more options I never thought to use. It wasn’t easy to learn though. I couldn’t catch up sometimes, but I’d ask one of my group members and they’d always help me. By using the advanced options, my work would be more uniform and efficient in the future. Mark told us to start putting our papers on the top of the stack when turning things in because he knew ours would eventually be the better looking ones with his teaching.

Since Mark and Reneta want students to be on time, they have made the rule that if even one member of our group was absent, the entire group was absent. It really made us work harder and more as a group. No one wanted to let their group down. When someone is in the risk of being late, a group member would call them or find them. It helped with communication and bringing people together. It was also very essential in teamwork. As my basketball coach, Roni, would say, “Together Everyone Achieves More.” It’s very true. T-E-A-M means that together, everyone does indeed achieve more. My group worked on and finished our Group Norms today. We formed a set of rules for how we should work together as a group. We all contributed and I really like the communication.

Reneta answered a lot of questions about CHESS today. At first, I thought that advertising would be the factor that brought in the most guests. It turns out that housekeeping tends to bring in more people. Customers wouldn’t want to stay in a dump, so housekeepers need to work hard for the hotel to gain customers. Reneta told us that she was once a housekeeper for a hotel after she graduated college. She initially thought they gave her the wrong job because she felt she was way too educated to be changing sheets. It turns out that when someone starts from the bottom, he or she tends to know what’s going on more and is able to manage the hotel better. There’s also a concept of empowerment among all employees of a hotel. No matter what position you do, you are still very valuable and important to the rest of the hotel. Employees are trusted with answering any questions a customer asks them. They are also able to help the guests. Everyone works together and respects one another. This way, employers and employees have a better working relationship and in return, more customers want to be in such a positive environment. Therefore, more money made.

The technology I learn here with Mark is so helpful, that I’m sure I’d be using what he taught me in school next year. I really like learning how to use Microsoft Word even if it was difficult because every person needs to know how properly write an official letter through Microsoft Word. It’s more professional and the reader would treat the written piece more seriously.

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