Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Insight Galore

Day 2 in Chicago was an insight filled day. In the morning, we headed off to Starbucks to get a breakfast. After eating, we took a bus to Navy Pier. The view was very nice there, but I’m sure the view would’ve been even better at night. After walking around for a bit, we went on the Ferris wheel. At the very top, I felt a little scared since it was so high, but I wanted to stay there forever. Looking at the rest of downtown Chicago I felt as if there were unlimited possibilities just within reach. I just had to reach. The Navy Pier’s Ferris wheel went higher than any other I’ve been on back in the Bay Area. I’m getting inspired from the tourist attractions!
Clear blue water and the Navy Pier
Michelle and Jenna while we were on the Ferris wheel
Tomi, Tamilyn, Christian, and I in front of a water fountain in the Crystal Gardens
We also saw the Crystal Gardens. The plant life was very beautiful. Everything was well maintained and preserved. What is it with Chicago and nature? It’s as if every single person wants to stop global warming by embracing Mother Nature. It’s a very nice change from the brown grass and polluted air of the Bay Area. 

Christian, Michelle, and Mr. Chan-Law on the subway
Since we didn’t want to be late, we then headed off to the University of Chicago. We boarded the bus, then the subway, and the bus again. It was our first time going on the subway! Once again, the transportation in Chicago was cleaner than that of the Bay Area. The subway seemed more advanced compared to BART. The next stop was always displayed at the front of the subway car. This was helpful for passengers to always know where they are to prevent confusion. When riding the BART, I always had to look out the window and try to figure out what station I was at. 

When we arrived at the University of Chicago, I felt like I was in a movie. The buildings were so beautiful and ancient. It was a very nice campus with a lot of grass and trees. Students could picnic for lunch. The weather was great today, so there were a lot of people were sitting in the grass relaxing. After checking in at Rosenwald Hall, we went to eat lunch on campus. There was a lot of variety and many of us ate sushi. 
One of many beautiful and ancient buildings
One of many beautiful and ancient buildings
We went back to Rosenwald Hall to learn about the school in the information session and tour the campus.
Another beautiful building
The more information I obtained, the more I enjoyed the school. As a Liberal Arts school, it’s best to be undecided on a major. The University of Chicago has a mandatory CORE program that prepares students in every subject in the hopes that the student finds his or her major by their 3
rd year in college. Since I don’t know what I want to major in yet, the University of Chicago sounds like a great school for me. Also, there is a lot of financial aid. Most people attending UC have financial aid. By the end of the session, I felt like the University of Chicago had the whole package.

During the campus tour, I constantly found my way to the front of the crowd to hear the tour guide, Mason, better. It was as if every word he said could impact my decision of where to apply to college. UC seemed like a school where students could get the help they needed from professors. Class sizes were small compared to schools in the University of California system. 
My cohort with our tour guide, Mason
After the tour, we went back to the hotel by bus and subway. On the subway, one man constantly talked to us. He was very animate in telling us about his life story. Although no one asked him any questions, he kept on talking. The man led me to believe that people in Chicago were very open about their lives.

The delicious beef loin I had for dinner
Later, we had dinner at Perennial Virant with two Admissions Officers and three students currently attending UC. I sat next to Tanya, who is a rising senior at UC. She had a lot of advice and shared a lot about her experience. Sitting across from her, was Troy, an Admissions Officer. He said that excellent grades weren’t the only things that got a person into the University of Chicago. The essays are VERY important because they make applicants stand out. Standing out is important, especially since so many applicants have such good grades. When talking to Mario, another rising senior at UC sitting across and to the right of me, I was able to hear about how he decided to major in Economics. Since he was pretty much geared to understand the economy, it was no wonder he decided to major in Economics. 

By the end of the night, I gained a lot of information of UC I didn’t know before. Before this year, I didn’t even know about the University of Chicago. My eyes are now opened a bit more wide and I really enjoyed the school. I had hope that either I could find my major or I could be comfortable being undeclared. 

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