Wednesday, June 26, 2013


Two very interesting clips were shown in class today. The first was about how a CEO of the Choice Hotels franchise, Steve Joyce, went undercover to see how his franchisees were maintaining the brand name. He disguised as a maintenance man and was able to actually feel how difficult it is to work from the bottom. I think that it’s great how hotel management emphasizes on empowerment. Everyone should have the same amount of authority to fit the needs of a guest. It makes employees happy and when employees are happy, they work better. As a result, the customers are happy. Steve Joyce was in the heat sweating and working hard alongside another maintenance man. He was able to get to know employees and try to understand where they’re coming from.

The second clip was from Hotel Impossible. Again, a lot of the focus was on how management needed to help the employee more. For example, the housekeepers weren’t doing a good job and it was the housekeeping manager’s job to make sure the housekeepers cleaned whatever wasn’t clean enough. Everyone needs to work together in order to create the best hotel experience. Without communication, how is the hotel going to be the best?

In order to educate the class about presentation, Mark did a terrible presentation. It was very funny and helpful. However, the ILC prepared me quite a bit for presentations next Monday. I’ll have to dress nice, talk loud, and make eye contact. I can’t be reading off of the screen or memorizing my parts because it shows that I don’t really enjoy what I’m doing. I remember when I interviewed to be a part of the ILC, I was very nervous, but I was myself and did fine. I’m sure if I spoke how I usually speak in public, I’d do just fine. Although, this presentation is pretty formal, so I really have to watch my tone and attitude. My typical “make the audience” laugh approach may not apply here.

I finally had my personal interaction with my RCA, Evelyn, today. Every week, each of the girls on my floor must interact with our RCA once a week. At first, I thought it might be awkward since it's like forced interaction. However, I found that it was very nice getting to know my RCA. She's majoring in mechanical engineering, just like my brother. I got to know her a little bit better and she got to know me a little bit better. This is a bit like the employer and employee relationship building taught in hotels. In a sense, I would be the employee and Evelyn would be the employer. She keeps all the girls on floor 2 in check and in turn, we don't cause her any trouble by checking in and not causing drama. I'm glad we had a chat today because I usually don't have a chance to even see her, much less have a conversation with her.

I’m glad this class helps with public speaking skills. I know that I still get a bit nervous when I have to speak in front of people. With this practice, and the ILC practice, I know I’ll be a great speaker one day. Maybe when I go back to the West Coast to share my experience and knowledge, I’d feel even more comfortable speaking publicly.

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