Monday, June 24, 2013

What a Stimulating group

I could not fall asleep last night. I couldn't tell if I was just too excited for my first day of class or scared to take a college class for the first time, but all I could think about was how my first day of class would go. I woke up at around 7:30 AM this morning and I got ready in an unexpectedly short amount of time. I waited for some of my floor mates (who were also taking the Freedom and Justice course) and we all walked to eat breakfast together. Because some of us already visited the building in which I were to have this class a few days ago, we didn't have much trouble walking to class. When we got there, we were still early, but to my surprise, the lecture hall was not air conditioned! It was another day of 90+ degree weather so during the entire 1 and a half hour lecture, I didn't even have to move and I was in complete sweat. The weather is very humid and sticky-- something I'm definitely still getting used to.

As for the class however, the first day was incredible. I've never sat in a classroom where practically everyone was completely interested in what the professor had to say. Monday's schedule was lecture from 9  AM-10:15 AM with Professor Kramnick. 10:30 AM- 11:45 AM was a discussion session, then lunch for 1 hour and 30 minutes, then a writing session from 1:15-2:45 PM with the same discussion group. Everyone asked very well thought out questions, and I was amazed and a bit intimidated by how 'college ready' everyone was. It was definitely a completely different atmosphere from high school back at home. Professor Kramnick is also both humorous and ridiculously intelligent. After going over the general objective of the class, he immediately dove into the actual subject, forcing us to think deeper. Right away, I could tell it was a very stimulating group. After our lecture, we broke off into three groups of 20  for a discussion session with our TA. As we started to discuss our first question "What does freedom mean to you?" practically everyone's hand rose up. We went around the room, and each one of us literally had a different and unique answer. And as each of us got to voice our opinions, some of our responses sparked counter argument that eventually turned into a debate. 

Also, I didn't know we would have such little direct interaction with our actual professor throughout the course. Unless we choose to go to him, we probably would not get to know our professor on a personal level. I know a college setting class is completely different, for I was surprised to hear that Professor Kramnick would not even be reading our final paper. Nonetheless, I do hope to get to know my professor a bit better by the end of the 3 week course time, I am definitely excited to talk to  him after class whenever I have a question.

I am very glad about having a bit more attention during the discussion break out groups though. I feel very comfortable voicing my opinion. I'm enjoying the class a lot already. 

We also had another meetup with Mr. Chanlaw, our chaperone. We met outside of Baley Hall at  around 6:10 PM so he could check up on us as well as hand out our pass for printing. 

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