Sunday, June 30, 2013

Presentation Ready

I woke up to a bug flying around my room this morning. I was still drowsy eyed, but the bug looked huge. It wasn't until I got up to look at it that I found out it was just a small butterfly with a big shadow. I was relieved that it was just a butterfly, but little did I know, butterflies would end up in my stomach later on in the day.

Since tomorrow is my presentation, my team agreed to meet at Statler Hall to practice before doing a practice presentation for our professors and TAs. We met at 9 AM even though our practice was at 12:45. All of the computer labs were closed, so we ended up looking at our PowerPoint from a laptop. The teachers and TAs arrived at 12. When it became time for us to do our practice presentation, my team started to have mixed feelings. Two of us wanted the professor to watch and critique us while the other two wanted the TA to watch us. A lot of people wanted to be seen by the TAs because our professors are more critical, but my opinion was that the professors care about us, and their advice would be beneficial towards our actual presentation. Our TA Rico ended up reviewing our presentation. He didn't say anything  bad about our performance, so hopefully the professors will feel the same tomorrow.

We went back to our dorms for lunch. It was almost 3 PM so we needed to head back to Statler for office hours. That's right, we have class on Sundays too! For three hours, we edited our PowerPoint, rehearsed our speeches, and played CHESS afterwards. There was a high demand for conference rooms so groups had to take turns. Luckily our practice presentation was approved, so we got to leave. Other teams had to stay past 7 because their presentations needed to be worked on and approved.

In preparation for tomorrow, I went down to the laundry room to iron my clothes. I'm not very good at ironing so I just plugged in the iron and rolled it over all the crinkly parts. It was a scary trip because the floor the laundry room is on is dark and empty. No one lives there, but the girls upstairs were watching a scary movie. That didn't help at all.

My presentation is the first tomorrow and Mr. Chan- Law is coming to watch our presentations. Rico told us he'd give us an 88 or 91 earlier. We practiced all weekend though, so hopefully our performance will be even better tomorrow. To say that I'm not nervous at all would be a lie, but I feel more confident since I've gone through the ILC interviews, ILC speeches, and Forensics at school.

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