Saturday, June 29, 2013

Fun, But According To Who?

Tomi, Sammy, and I went to Collegetown today. I remembered when Jim Schechter, director of Summer College, told us how he would take his kids to Collegetown and they would think it’s the city. If those kids thought Collegetown was a city, they will surely be surprised when they go to an actual city.

The delicious bagel
When I first heard of Collegetown, I thought it had fun and entertainment since everyone kept going there. It turns out that it really isn’t much. Maybe I got my hopes up too high because Collegetown was very small and there wasn’t anything to look at. There was an amazing bagel shop though.

Ithaca Commons

After walking around the entire Collegetown in about twenty minutes, we decided to go to Ithaca Commons. It was much more entertaining than Collegetown, but that isn’t saying much. There were stores that sold homemade or organic goods. It took us a while to get to Ithaca Commons, but I thought it was worth it. I thought it was very nice to get away from campus even for a few hours.

Since Ithaca is such a small place, there wouldn’t be a place as fun and entertaining as San Francisco. However, for people who haven’t seen a big city, like Jim Schechter’s children, a small town would be just like San Francisco. It’s interesting how something could mean one thing for one person and mean something completely different to another.

I use to go to San Francisco every week to visit my grandmother. I remember in grade school, my classmates would be very excited to go to San Francisco, but I just thought of it as the place where my grandma lives. Some think Collegetown is where all the fun is, but to me, it’s just a place to escape dorm food.

Perspective is a funny thing. I expected to have the time of my life in Collegetown today, but it turns out that it all depends on the person as to whether it’s fun or not. I’m glad we found another place to enjoy ourselves for the day though.

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