Sunday, June 30, 2013

Study study

Today is probably the first non-rainy day we've had here since summer college began! I woke up to the sun shining through my windows and looked out to see an empty and peaceful courtyard. Cornell is definitely much quieter during the weekends but it was nice to just enjoy the beautiful skies for once without seeing groups of people scurrying to class all the time. I pulled out my Plato texts and started brainstorming for my essay on Plato's critique on democracy. After jotting down a few notes and potential quotes/claims that I would use in my essay, my floor mate, Monica and I headed down to RPCC to eat.

However, we didn't realize that they were already closed for breakfast. I guess it was a nice little detour though, since we were able get our laundry over with in the meantime. After our clothes were washed, Monica, Tess (another floormate) and I walked back to RPCC for an early lunch. After, we all went our separate ways to study at either the library, out on the grass, or in our dorms. Personally, I just can't concentrate in either a library or outside. Therefore, I walked back to my dorm and started a rough draft of my essay. As a break, I skyped my sister and mom. I also walked over to the Unit 2 Balch Lounge and played the piano and practiced the song I'm planning on singing for the talent show. This made my day alot better and  somehow, after I play the piano, I always have better focus when studying.

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