Monday, June 17, 2013

The Time Has Come

My luggage
In just a few hours, I will be heading off to El Cerrito High School. The summer of a lifetime is finally here. After all those milestones and preparations, from applying for the program to attending orientation, it is really happening now. I have finished packing and counting down the minutes until we leave the house.

Not only are we taking courses in Cornell, but we are college touring in Chicago! I’ve never been to New York or Illinois. After hearing about how those on the East Coast are very fast paced, I want to see for myself how fast paced those people really are. Do the people talk differently? Do they use bigger words? I’m finally going to find out. I'm not only going to meet people from the East Coast though. The Hotel Management typically accepts students from all over the world because the Hotel Management program at Cornell is one of the best in the world.

My required reading
Since I’m taking the Hotel Management course, I’m hoping that I come back with a deeper knowledge and understanding of hospitality. I’ve finished the required reading (to be done before the first day of class), Four Seasons by Isadore Sharp, and I admire how Sharp focused on a great working culture for his employees. Everyone needs to respect each other in order to have good results. If employees aren’t happy, how would the customers be happy? Not only would I be just listening to lectures about managing a hotel, but I will have a hands-on experience through a computer-stimulated program.

I’m really looking forward to broadening my horizons. I would meet new people and tour colleges outside of California. Growing up in a small town, I probably would not think of going to college anywhere far away from home. Thanks to the Ivy League Connection, I really believe I can do anything as long as I work hard and persevere. I’m very grateful to have this opportunity. Thanks to all those who support the ILC! You will not regret choosing this ambassador.

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