Thursday, June 27, 2013

Pop Quiz

First thing in the morning, we had a pop quiz! When Mr. McCarthy told us to clear off our tables and we all started to panic. The quiz was about the different types of hotel companies: REITs, franchises, and management businesses. There were only five questions and I was confident that I did well. I remember studying these terms the day before.

We broke off into groups again and my group learned about well written memos. We were given two different memos and another memo in three forms. We analyzed each memo, picked the ones we thought were best, and gave constructive criticism to each. Mrs. McCarthy gave us advice on the memos that we have to write tonight. She told us to be positive and confident. She said not to put any extra details either because readers want to get to the point!

The second part of her lecture was about knowing your guests and team work. The two major types of guests are business and leisure. Business people care about convenience, quality, and time. Leisure guests care about amenities and price. We watched a video about teamwork and the true meaning of a team. As a team, you should work towards a synergistic effort. To practice these skills, we got a mystery activity. Each team had a worksheet with different hotels and a spreadsheet of different hotel's data. By reading the descriptions, we had to identify which set of data belonged to each hotel. Irene and I worked on the worksheet through lunch.

After lunch, Mr. McCarthy taught us how to use PowerPoint. Our task is to create a template for a presentation on Monday. We changed the designs, modified slides, inserted notes, and learned how to transition layered pictures. We learned that a theme in Word will not appear the same in PowerPoint. We each used the same theme as yesterday and my PowerPoint turned out totally different. Mr. McCarthy used my theme, Couture, as an example of an ugly theme. It looked really old-fashioned on PowerPoint. 

During office hours, we started writing our memos, working on out PowerPoints, and playing CHESS. The prices that we set services to be is included in the memo, so I wanted to experiment more to find out if I could increase my revenue. I still ended up in a similar range though. I got to check my quiz grade too! I was so happy to see a perfect score. It felt nice to know that studying more payed off.

In front of our dorm for the meeting

Rain started pouring, so I took the bus back with a friend instead of walking. I guess it was a way to "treat myself". I ate dinner and finally had a meal without french fires or chicken nuggets. People in my hall rushed back to North Balch for a meeting. Certain students have been disrespecting the facilities and Code of Conduct, so the rules had to be reiterated. I got a text from my RCA a little afterwards about my personal interaction. This year, each student has to meet with their RCA once a week to talk about themselves and school. Maisie was really nice and encouraged me to keep working hard. I told her about the ILC and how my class was going. I'm glad that we were able to connect so easily. Summer College has introduced me to so many cool people and given me the confidence to feel like I fit in.

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