Tuesday, June 11, 2013

City Council and Congratulations

We Hercules ILCers and our parents
Due to the conflicting schedules of Hercules High's annual Academic Awards and the Hercules City Council Meeting on Tuesday, May 28, the Hercules Ivy League Connection members attended the council's meeting this evening. At 7 PM sharp, the mayor called for the meeting to begin. After the pledge of allegiance and role call of the council members, the first item of the agenda was a presentation of the Hercules Intermodal Transit Center and an update regarding its construction. I was interested by the idea that our city will have such an improved transportation system.

Once the presentation ended, Charles Ramsey concisely described the Ivy League Connection and then introduced us to come the podium to say a few words. Rochelle Yee was the first speaker, who did an amazing job at explaining that the ILC is not a program for slackers . I felt my heartbeat increase since I was the next speaker. Despite my preparations for this oration earlier this afternoon, the speech in my mind vanished. Fortunately, I spoke more sincerely and was able to convey my true feelings about the program and all the benefits I will gain from it  . One of the many goals I hope to accomplish this summer is expanding my education with this college-level course and growing both as a student and as a young adult. After a few months of being a part of the Ivy League Connection, I find myself gradually building more confidence when I present to others, a personal aspect I know will continue to develop. 

Everyone's speeches were well said. I completely agree with everyone that one sure-fire way we will give back to our community is by informing our fellow peers and younger students about the ILC so they can be given this once in a liftetime opportunity and broaden their horizons like we will this summer. Our chaperone, Mr. Chan-Law, made a speech as well and added more detail about the Cornell cohort's excursion to Chicago, where we will be visiting Northwestern and the University of Chicago. The final speeches were made by Ms. Kronenberg and Mr. Ramsey, who both described the uniqueness of the Ivy League Connection, its immense impact on the lives of its members, the importance of being our district's ambassadors while in the East Coast. Before we could return home, Don took photographs of the Hercules ILCers  with the council members. After about ten pictures were taken, we were allowed to head home.

 That's it. In exactly one week, my journey as an Ivy League Connection member will begin. After all the essays, interviews, applications, and additional forms, it is now time for me to start the real work from the Freedom and Justice program at Cornell University. To the council members, Don Gosney, Mr. Ramsey, Ms. Kronenberg, and everyone else who is responsible for giving me and the other ILCers this privelege, I say thank you.

The Hercules ILCers and the Hercules City Council Members

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