Sunday, June 23, 2013

Diversity is everywhere

Eating breakfast with Christian and her floormate, Rachel 
Today was possibly my last day of not having to make an alarm to wake up. I still woke up pretty early nonetheless, and at around 9:30 AM I heard a knock on my door. To my pleasant surprise, I opened my door to see Christian and one of her floor mates asking if I wanted to catch breakfast with them. That was a great way to start my morning, and the three of us walked down to the dining halls to eat. Christian's floor mate, Rachel is from Washington D.C.  The diversity here is absolutely incredible; I've met people from all over-- Venezuela, Italy, China, you name it! Even though class hasn't started yet, I'm already meeting so many different people with so many different backgrounds and opinions. From liberal to extremely conservative, everyone is extremely friendly and very interesting.

Today's events included a crash course at 1:30 PM in Baley Hall, which is about a 10 minute walk from my dorm. All 900 students gathered once again and we spent about three hours learning time management skills and good study habits. Is was an excellent way to prepare the students for their classes tomorrow. We also watched a movie on how to manage a healthy sleep schedule but still create a balanced life academically and socially. During this session, all I could think about was how independent one had to be in college. It really opened my eyes but also scared me. College students were to take on so many responsibilities but I'm so glad this summer program is preparing me for it.

Everywhere I need to go-- whether it's the dining halls or events center, each location is also within a 15 minute walk. However, since the weather went up to about 92 degrees today (with a huge storm that rolled in at around 5 PM), each walk felt much longer.

After the crash course, Jenna, Christian and I went to eat a quick dinner, then headed downstairs for this summer's activities fair. I ended up signing up for yearbook as well as a diversity club. I'm very excited to become more involved with this summer program, and juggling both extra curriculars and academics will be my first test at time management. Tomorrow is the first day of class so it will definitely be the start of yet another experience.

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