Thursday, June 27, 2013

Working Overtime

This morning, class began with a pop quiz about the various types of hotel corporate structure. I easily aced the quiz, earning a with 100% with relative ease.

The first half of the day was dedicated to learning PowerPoint. We discovered how to make a custom template, along with how to properly employ the usage of graphical elements, such as graphs and flowcharts.    

We watched an instructional video on how to become a well working team. As stated by the video, the six requirements for an efficient group are:

  1. A high level of trust
  2. A high level of respect
  3. A commitment to a clever and common purpose
  4. A willingness to resolve conflicts
  5. A focus on the end results
  6. A mutual responsibility and accountability 

The video was very useful in identifying areas in which groups often neglect to pay heed to, such as the importance of setting milestone goals between deadlines. 

Next, Renta gave a brief lecture of the three main consumer demographics, business travelers, leisure travelers, and group travellers. We learned that each category of customers has a unique set of needs, behaviors, and budgets. For instance, we learned that due to their profession, business travelers were a lot less flexible in their choices when compared to leisure traveller. This inflexibility makes it easier for hotels to charge higher rates, as business travelers have little choice in whether are willing to pay or not.

I used the time during office hours to draft and complete my CHESS Memo. For the purpose of this exercise, I was to write a fictional business memo wherein I proposed a business strategy to improve the condition of a struggling hotel. Using the findings that I gathered yesterday, I created a business plan that focused on bettering the hotel's service, amenities, and advertising. It took me three hours to finish my memo, and by the end I had gone through separate drafts.

I found writing a business memo to me extremely difficult, as expository writing and business writing differ greatly-expository writing emphasizes composition and prose, whereas business writing values brevity and simplicity. I used to believe that I was a skilled writer, but after realizing how difficult it is for me to transition between styles, I've come to realize that I'm much more of an novince than I originally thought. This experience has inspired me to further hone my writing skills, so that I may become a more well-rounded writer.

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