Saturday, June 29, 2013

Sightseeing in the Rain

I didn't wake up until this morning 10:30 AM, much to my groggy glee. After lazing around in my room for an hour, I decided that it was about time that I met with the others and at 12:30 PM, Rochelle and I made our way to Robert Purcell Community Center for lunch. 

Initially, Sammy, Rochelle, Michelle, and I had plans to visit. Ithaca's Farmers' Market, but we were forced to postpone our plans to next week due to Michelle having to meet with her group in order to discuss their project. With the day's plans in shambles, Sammy, Rochelle, and I began deliberating over the prospect of visiting Collegetown, a little suburban community just outside of Cornell University. In the end, we decided to leave the choice to fate and after a simple coin toss, we set off towards Collegetown.  

After a ten minutes bus ride, we arrived in Collegetown. We quickly began exploring, passing by many different shops and restaurants. Although, Collegetown is known for it's small size, we were still shocked when we realized that we somehow walked through the entire neighborhood in less than fifteen minutes. 

In yet another moment of spontaneity, we decided to make a trip to the shopping district, Ithaca Commons. Following a twenty minute trek through rain and mud, we finally arrived in Ithaca Commons. Unsurprisingly, 
we found Ithaca Commons to be a very tiny place, spanning a miniscule two block radius. Nevertheless, we managed to entertain ourselves for about an hour. Whilst window-shopping I realized that Ithaca Commons reminded me of Berkeley; it's large amount of environmentalist products and gay pride goods as well as a colorful cast of denizens drew parallels to the highly liberal city. 

After we walking through Ithaca Commons, we decided to return to campus-but not before trying out the famous bagels of Collegetown Bagels. The bagels were wonderfully baked and really delicious, just as everyone had said. 

Once we finished eating, decided to walk back to campus instead of taking to bus. As we walked through the southern portion of campus I realized something; Ithaca and everything about it is remarkably small, except for Cornell University, which seems to comprise nearly half of the entire town. 

When I finally arrived back to my dorm room I quickly began working on my group presentation. I managed to complete my portion of the project in a little over a hour, leaving practicing my only remaining task. 

Tomorrow, I'll be working on my group presentation from 10:00 AM until about 6:00 PM, so I'm glad that I had today to wind down and get some rest. While I hope that my group won't need an entire eight hour period to finish, I am prepared to dedicate as much time as needed to this assignment. In fact, I think that I'm going to start practicing this very moment. 

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