Monday, June 17, 2013

This Is It

When I wake up in the morning, the first three things I see in my bedroom are the light purple walls, the foot of my blue comforter, and the dresser table of all of my notebooks, perfumes, and additional trinkets. In about ten hours, I will not see any of these things for the next three weeks.

Preparing for this trip has been slightly hectic. On top of carefully selecting my wardrobe, gathering all of the necessary toiletries, and repeatedly checking if I have everything in order, I have to make sure that my luggage does not exceed forty-two pounds. In addition, for the past week, I barricaded myself in my room to complete as much of my reading as possible so I will not feel as overwhelmed once I begin the Freedom and Justice course. As I finish packing my luggage, I cannot help but feel a surge of anticipation. While I am excited to enjoy my time in Chicago, visiting Northwestern and University of Chicago, and then traveling to Ithaca, New York with my cohort, the thought of being thousands of miles away from home for the first time (without my family) is a little frightening.

The only thing keeping my spirits up is the thought of all the experiences I will gain from the trip. Although I will feel homesick at times, I believe that I will gain a sense of independence and a taste of the college life, which I will face in a year. Moreover, my education will be enriched with everything I will learn from this college-leveled course. On a more personal note, confidence and bravery are qualities that I want to improve. In order achieve this goal, I hope to meet new people, make new friends, and create close bonds with my fellow Cornell cohorts: Jenna, Michelle, Rochelle, Tamilyn, and Tomi.

Well, this is it. Once I post this blog, double check my bags, and finish up reading, I will find myself in the East Coast. The first bridge I will have to cross, however, is being a temporary insomniac throughout the five-hour flight. But for now, I shall spend time with my family and loved ones, whose undying love and support will help me carry on for the next three weeks. 

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