Tuesday, June 4, 2013

The Final Countdown

Today was the day of our final milestone before setting off to Cornell University—the Ivy League Connection Orientation, held in the auditorium of Pinole Middle High School. To open the evening, Don and Mr. Ramsey had all of the chaperones stand before the audience and introduce themselves. There was a surprisingly high number of a veteran chaperones this year, and I was surprised to learn that with vast majority of the veteran chaperones held at least two years of seniority over the newcomers. While each chaperone had a unique background there was one commonality amongst them; their shared amazement in the accomplishments of both the Ivy League Connection and the ILCers themselves.  

Following the introductions, Don and Mr. Ramsey gave a lecture on the importance of timeliness and punctuality. They spoke of how such conduct is inexcusable in the real world, as it conveys the image of an unprofessional, irresponsible individual. After having finished his tirade, Mr. Ramsey stepped aside to allow Don the center stage. Don went over a plethora of topics, including the importance of communicating properly, his arsenal of available loaner items, packing procedures, and various other helpful travel tips.

When he had finished going over all of his talk points, Don had everyone separate into "break-out groups" with our respective cohorts so that we may review and discuss our individual itineraries in detail. My cohort was lucky enough to be one of the one's to be assigned a private classroom, rather than a spot in the auditorium. Once everyone was situated within the classroom, Mr. Chan-Law passed out the most recent version of our itinerary. Although the itineraries issued were merely tentative, I was somewhat assured in having a clearer idea of what my trip entailed and I could tell that my mother felt similar relief. Overall, the private session was very informative and clarifying yielded some new information, such as that we'll be taking our courses alongside adults, making the experience somewhat akin to my to my college courses at Middle College High School. Another interesting tidbit I learned was that Cornell University's Summer College program includes a graduation ceremony, an event for which I am extremely excited for. 

At 7:35 PM the private sessions were adjourned and all cohorts soon reconvened within auditorium. As a closing to the evening's events, Don and Mr. Ramsey spoke of the importance of putting actual effort into our blogs, rather than simply rushing through them. Their standards call for blogging that is descriptive, detailed, well thought, and analytical as well as entertaining. Because of their words, I am determined to rework and perfect my blogging style so that I may refine my writing skills. Once Don and Mr. Ramsey had concluded their closing remarks, the audience gave a lively round of applause the day finally came to an end. 

I'm really anxious for the trip--only fourteen days and counting! The only thing left for me to do now is to start packing. As of now, the only real obstacle between Cornell University and I are a fifty pound luggage weight limit. 

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