Sunday, June 30, 2013

Change of Pace

Those on the East Coast are definitely faster than those on the West. Today my group was rushing to find a room to rehearse for our presentation for tomorrow. I was lagging behind my group members (two from East Coast and one from China) as we walked from place to place. I finally saw and experienced for myself how much slower I am compared to those on the East Coast. Before I flew here, I didn’t think there would be THAT much of a difference. My mom walks fast and I’m always able to keep up with her, so why couldn’t I keep up with the people on the East Coast? It turns out that there’s really a big difference in pace.

However, besides finding out how slow I am, I found out about Model UN through my group members. It is just like the United Nations, but for high school students. It was very interesting to hear about it. Students can go to different countries or different states to meet other students from all over the world for a weekend to give speeches and make peace. Students are able to travel to many countries depending on which countries host this program. It’s a great opportunity to meet different people and learn about different cultures. Just like this program!

One day, it would be nice of our school district offered something like Model UN. We have Junior Statesmen of America (JSA), but it’s more arguing and debating. It would be nice to experience some peaceful discussions instead. However, I also know that this program is probably very expensive since it requires flying to different countries as well.

I also learned from a group member, Helen from Beijing, how it is better to go to public school rather than private in China. It’s the complete opposite of us! In America, we tend to see private school as better schools compared to public schools. Students in China have to qualify for public school and if they don’t qualify, they have to go to private school.

Helen also told me of how she’s been flying to Hong Kong in order to take the SATs and SAT Subject Tests. It sounds very expensive! It’s difficult to imagine how much other people want to come to America to study. However, people in America also want to study here because there are more opportunities and chances to get into a good college. It’s very understandable. I hope Helen goes to the school of her dreams!

It turns out that I’ve learned a lot today. I should probably work on walking faster so that my group doesn’t always have to wait for me. Also, I’d really like to be a part of Model UN. It sounds like a really great experience.

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