Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Exactly 2 More Weeks

It's a bit surreal to believe that in exactly two weeks from now, my cohort and I will finally be in Chicago. At the orientation today, the importance of being on time and doing what we're told was stressed. The tardiness of just one person can affect about one hundred people. One should not only be on time, but early so that no none is affected negatively. I know that the world doesn't revolve around myself, so when something starts at 6pm, I'll make sure to be there 5:55pm the latest. When going to El Cerrito June 18th, I'll make sure to be there early. 

Hearing about all the schedules and details of our trip made me look forward to June 18th even more. I've been counting down the days till arriving in Cornell since I sent in my application! Although many people have said that Hotel Management is a very rigorous and time consuming course, I know I can handle it. As long as I put my mind into it, there's no stopping me from succeeding. In addition to the large workload, Hotel Management is known for the diverse classmates from around the world. I really look forward to meeting people from around the world and broadening my horizons so that I can share what I learn with those at home. 

As Mr. Chan-Law gave more details of our plans, I could feel the smile on my face broadening with each new detail. It felt like nothing could bring me down. We would go to Chicago and experience The Wind City and then go to Ithaca for the college experience! I'm so grateful to have been given this opportunity. Thanks to every person who makes the ILC program such a success and such a great experience for students. Not only is the experience going to benefit the student going to the East Coast, but it would benefit those at home because the ILCers will come back to their communities to help others gain a new experience. 

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