Friday, June 28, 2013

Soup-er Day

Most people celebrate Fridays during the school year, but Fridays here aren't quite the same. We did get to have class 30 minutes later than the usual 8:30 AM though. Mr. McCarthy started by giving us more presentation tips. Our first presentation is this Monday! After the lecture, we broke off into groups again. Mr. McCarthy taught us how to do more advanced animations on the PowerPoint. 

We got another two hours and lunch to finish our CHESS memos. In these memos, we ha to explain our business plan while demonstrating correct usage of Microsoft Word. I read it so many times that I started doubting myself. Just to make sure, I asked my team mates Irene and Bhavesh to critique my memo. I still needed to finish my conclusion, but it was lunch time and I had another hour and a half to finish my memo. I was reluctant to leave until I realized it was better to grab something quick to eat as opposed to running out of energy to finish my first week strong. I had miso soup and tea because the weather got colder as rain continued to pour.

I finished my memo and turned it in! Once the whole group was done, we played CHESS and started our PowerPoint. Bhavesh already started on the template. Mr. McCarthy looked over our template and gave us the okay to add information! My portion of the PowerPoint is about the Marriott's history. Class ended earlier too, so we got to leave at 3:30. Rochelle, Tomi, and I met Mr. Chan-Law for our check-in.
Christian, Tamilyn, Tomi, myself, Rochelle, Jenna, and Mr. Chan-Law at the theater.
After dinner, us ILC girls went to Ithaca Mall. The mall was pretty small and none of us bought anything. As 8 PM approached, we went inside of the theater. There were a lot of families and Cornell students watching the movie. If you haven't watched it yet, Monsters University was a great movie! It tells the story of how Sully an Mike met in college. They were both trying to get into the Scare School, which was like the law school at Harvard, except in monster terms. We got to eat ice cream afterwards! I got a waffle cone with a scoop of black cherry and green tea!
Different cones at Purity Ice Cream 

I'm relieved to have successfully survived my first week of class, but also sad because this means there's only two more weeks left. Having a nice break from projects and homework was nice, but there's still so much to do and learn.

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