Thursday, June 20, 2013

ComfortingTo Be Wrong

Yolk's logo

We had a very great start this morning. As many people know, I really like eggs. For the past few days I kept seeing a restaurant called Yolk. I really wanted to try it since the sign was so creative looking. We finally tried it today for breakfast. It was beautiful there! There were many things that resembled eggs and there were lots of products with eggs on them. What’s great about Yolk is that it’s a Chicago specialty. After ordering our breakfast, Jenna and I took many pictures around the restaurant.
Of course, the workers noticed and they gave us a lot of freebies. For example, I got a pen, a pack of gummies, and other things with the restaurant logo on it. It really showed how giving and understanding the people were. They noticed that we were probably new to the city and that I had a strong passion for eggs, so they wanted to help us out. It gave me the impression that people in Chicago were typically friendly. 
Inside of Yolk.

Picture with the nice employee

Freebies at Yolk.
Northwestern University is very different from, yet very similar to the University of Chicago. During the information session, I heard of the 6 different schools and I thought it was very interesting how one school could be divided like that, but still remain united as a whole. UC does not have different schools. Also, the Medill School of Journalism, Media, Integrated Marketing Communications is very good. Many well-known people are alumni of Northwestern. I liked how even though a student is registered in one school, but can take courses in any other school. The class sizes are very small compared to those of the University of California system. Professors are truly able to give students their undivided attention. It was said that one teacher was so dedicated to helping his or her student that they had a Skype call with the student at midnight the night before the midterm. The similarity is the distribution requirements of Northwestern and the CORE program of UC.

Mr. Chan-Law, Michelle, Christian, and Tamilyn paying attention at the Information Session

My cohort with Carrie, our tour guide
The Northwestern campus was very different from the UC campus. The buildings were more professional and modern. There was a very big college feel to the campus. It all depends on one’s preference though. Some want to feel like they’re in college while others want to look at nice buildings. Our tour guide, Carrie, told us that the school bought a piece of Lake Michigan in order to expand the campus. The land was well kept though- clear water and green grass. Once again, the plant life is very nice. Carrie even shared many anecdotes of her friends to show how great it was to go to Northwestern.

We ate dinner with four students of Northwestern and one Admissions Officer at Les Nomades. I really liked sitting next to Shannon, the Admissions Officer, because I really wanted to know how their admissions process worked. It was comforting to know that applicants are not compared to other applicants. Applicants are judged on how well they show themselves. It’s not a competition. I always thought that applicants were compared to one another, so it’s best to try to outdo peers. It was oddly comforting to be wrong this time. By talking to Shannon, I really understood what Early Decision meant. If I knew without a doubt where I wanted to go to college, Early Decision is the way to go because it is binding.

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