Sunday, June 23, 2013

What Type of Learner Are You?

My day started off fairly uneventful-I woke up at 10:15 AM, went to breakfast at 10:45 AM and spent the majority of my early morning reviewing my course reading for Hotel Operations and relaxing. It wasn't  until 1:30 PM that my day really began, as the students of Summer College were presented with a crash course on correct collegiate conduct and essential study skills. The seminar, led by Janet Snoyer, began with an introduction video of testimonials from Cornell students and alumni about the ups and downs of college life. The video was meant to introduce us to the various aspects of college that high school students may not be aware, such as commonality of straight A students suddenly receiving Bs and Cs as well as the perks and pressures of being independent.   

The iClicker.
Using iClicker, an electronic polling system, Snoyer began testing the students on their prior knowledge of academics at the university level. Through the usage of the iClicker, we were able to discover and clarify many misconceptions about college. For example, we learned that a one's success in a course isn't determined by their proficiency in the subject, but rather the dedication and effort put one puts into the coursework.   

We also took a personality assessment, which told us of our preferred learning style. I learned that I was a "converger," a learner who prefers to find practical applications to abstract concepts. According to the test, mu supposed strong suits are problem solving, decisions making, and deductive reasoning, whereas my weaknesses include a habitually jumping to conclusions, a tendency to of solve the wrong problem, and continual encounters with creativity blocks. I strongly identify with my personality result and I believe that it will prove very helpful when trying to discover new learning methods, as I know have a clear idea of my strengths and shortcomings. Other learning types include the "hands-on" accommodator, the theoretical assimilator, and the creative diverger. 

After the we finished our discussion on our test results, we were met with a pleasant surprise; the volunteer RCAs began throwing beach balls into the crowd, inciting glee and excitement from the students. When the delightful diversion finally met it's conclusion, Snoyer went onto explain how the beach ball segment was in fact yet another example of an effective studying tip-taking a break to relax and enjoy yourself is a very important, as it helps to mediate their stress levels.

The final topic we covered of the three hour session were proper sleeping habits. As you know, quality sleep is an integral part of a student's academic performance and without it a person's grade will inevitable suffer. I learned quite a few new thins, such as that sleeping should be done in one and a half hour increments, that every hour of activity should be supplemented by a half hour of sleep, and finally that teenagers and young adults are recommended to get nine and quarter hours of sleep per night.

All in all, I found the crash course to be very useful, as I was able to learn a large number of useful tips and tricks that I'm sure that I will use for the remainder of my academic career.  While I don't believe that I'll be able to follow of the guidelines I was presented with, I was sure to take note of the ones that seem exceptionally helpful with the intent of perfecting my study habits and becoming a more effectual learner. 

With the crash course over, the other girls and I met briefly with Mr. Chan-Law, whereupon he explained that from now one, we have mandatory group meetings with him every Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday at 6:10 PM. 
And yes, snack foods are categorized as "necessary items."
It was during our encounter with Mr. Chan-Law that I learned yet another interesting fact-in Ithaca, when it rains, it rains hard. After the end of our meeting, it began pouring rain, complete with the occasional sound of thunder. I was warned beforehand of the East Coast's summer storms, but I had never thought they'd be even more terrible than what they described. Luckily, Mr. Chan-Law was nice enough to drive us Michelle, Tamilyn, Jenna, and Christian to the dining hall and Rochelle and I to Target, where we picked up a few necessary items. 

Once Rochelle and I returned to campus, we met up with Michelle for dinner. We also met Summer, an overseas student who hails from Shanghai, China. We spent the time discussing our interests and college plans before eventually parting ways. After dinner, I decided to return to my dorm and my studies for the rest of the night. 

I'm really excited to start class tomorrow. I've been endlessly preparing for this day, and I hope for productive first day of school at Cornell University. I can't wait to apply what I learned today in class. In fact, I believe that I'm going to start this very instant, by trying getting enough sleep. 

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