Monday, July 1, 2013

2 more days until the Prelim

It's the start of the second week and I missed my alarm this morning. I did not it at 7:30 AM, but thankfully I woke up at exactly 7:50 AM. I literally got ready in 5 minutes and Monica, Tess and I were out the door. 

Once we got to class, Professor Kramnick first informed us for a change in this week's schedule. Because we have Friday off (due to the 4th of July holiday on the 5th), we had two lectures and the writing session today (instead of the usual one lecture, one discussion session, and one writing session). Today, we started class discussing Locke's theory of natural law and the natural rights of individuals. It was very interesting comparing Locke's view on human nature and other philosophers like Plato and Augustine. After, during the writing session, we got our practice essays back as well as a handout that broke down the different parts when writing an essay. 

When class ended, I still wasn't so sure if I was answering the prompt completely, so I went to my TA, Nolan's office during his office hours after class for assistance on my essay. He went through both my intro and topic sentences, and showed me why my thesis statement did not completely follow the prompt. His feedback was extremely helpful and I will definitely be stopping by more often when I am confused with my work. After, I began revising my paper, for the second draft is due tomorrow. We have a prelim exam Wednesday so I will be editing my essay and reviewing all the texts we've read thus far to get me ready for the exam.

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