Saturday, July 6, 2013


The sudden downpour of rain and instances of lighting during last night's drive back to Ithaca was not apparent this morning. While the temperatures and humidity noticeably increased, the Cornell campus was embraced by the beautiful sunshine and peaceful chirping of nearby birds. I decided to sleep in today because I was a little exhausted after yesterday's grand trip to Niagara Falls.

I walked to RPCC by 10:30 AM and waited in the lounge for the cafeteria to open because it was closed when I arrived. While I was sitting there getting a head start on my weekend reading, a fellow classmate named Lanette approached me and said hello. She then confided in me that another classmate of ours was supposed to meet up with her at 9:30 AM so they could go to the Ithacan mall together. Despite the many voicemails Lanette left, this so called friend made her wait alone for over an hour without even so much as a phone call or text message telling her that she will be running late. Eventually, Lanette decided to go by her self.

Hearing Lanette's problem with her friend made me remember two important qualities of the Ivy League Connection: punctuality and open communication. The ILC instilled these behavioral aspects in us because we will need them for the rest of our lives. For instance, in the work place, if you do not arrive for your shift on time, then it will show the employer that you do not care about the job and will eventually lead him to fire you. Moreover, if you are running late and do not call your employer to at least inform him or her why you are not there yet, the same result will occur. I felt angry that Lanette had to deal with someone who clearly did not realize that by not being punctual or communicating with Lanette, she wasted her time and demonstrated that she was not a true friend.
In the afternoon, Jenna, Rochelle, Michelle, Tomi, and I ventured to Ithaca Commons. I had the opportunity to explore this area more and visit several other establishments. First, we went to American Crafts and this time I was able explore the lower level of the store, where elegantly crafted glass vases, clocks, and dishes were located.
Downstairs section of American Crafts
I purchased a couple of secret wooden boxes for my brother as graduation presents for him when I return. Afterwards, we visited another arts store called Ten Thousand Villages. Once we entered the establishment, it appeared as though they were ten thousand pieces of artwork! The store contained hand crafted clothing and other trinkets from across the globe.
Inside of Ten Thousand Villages
There such a diverse amount of cultural objects that I felt as though I was immersed in a different country with every new item I touched. Before we returned to the dorms, we had a late lunch at A Taste of Thai

During the first two weeks in Ithaca, the six of us spent the time meeting new people and becoming more involved with our respective classes. I am glad that most of us were able to enjoy each others' company today and strengthen our friendships. 

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