Tuesday, July 2, 2013


The Preliminary Exam takes place tomorrow morning and I cannot decided if I am excited or nervous, so I will say instead that I am feeling spirited. The first week passed in a flash and tomorrow marks the half-way point of my study time in Cornell University. 

Sitting at a reserved table gives a bit of panache to what would have otherwise been a typical lunch.

After spending the morning prepping for the upcoming exam, I traveled to Trillium with my classmate Gloria to have our scheduled lunch with Professor Kramnick. In the back of the lunch hall, there was a table reserved for Professor Kramnick and his seven attending students. Gloria and I were the first ones there and set our bags down before getting our food. We returned to a full table, and when all seven students and the professor were seated with our respective lunches, professor Kramnick explained the "rules" of the lunch game. One by one, we introduced ourselves and gave what I imagined to be a condensed version of our life's story. It was a fascinating exchange, and I met another student equestrian, and even learned about casino hosts. When my classmate explained the essence of his dream occupation, my image of a casino card dealer was replaced with that of an international businessman forging dealings with high-standing politicians. Professor Kramnick and the other students were also impressed by the new information, and the lunch period seemed much shorter than usual.

Professor Kramnick introduced Ithaca's "Judge Judy."
Today's class ended the afternoon with a guest lecture by Ithaca's county judge, Judge Judith Rossiter. As a judge, her lecture focused primarily on the inner workings of the jury and it was a fascinating oration that combined political philosophy, human psychology, and legal institutions. The guest lecture was a pleasant ending for the day and I was able to return to my dorm, take a much needed power nap, and dive into the world of Augustine, Aquinas, Locke, and Plato. No matter how I am feeling about the impending examination, I will study hard and face my opponent tomorrow morning. 

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