Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Midterm Crisis

The midterm today was less brutal than I had expected but was still challenging to complete in one hour. The exam consisted of a single essay and five short answer questions in which you identify a quote's writer and its significance. The exam booklet was much smaller than I had thought it to be, but I liked the paper and it was smooth to write on-- the exam materials are a crucial factor in any exam! Tests are hard enough, but when the paper is difficult to write on, they are less enjoyable.
The booklet is much smaller than a typical notebook and has an oath for students to sign, similar to the AP tests.

After the test, I was feeling a little brain dead but Professor Kramnick's intriguing lecture on feminism had me energized once more. During my previous schooling years, I had not found feminism to be a particularly interesting topic, probably because whenever the subject was taught, it was always short, shallow, and the same lesson each year it was taught. Today, however, Professor Kramnick and Kevin introduced me to the rich history and cultural significance of feminism and its implications. During section, we discussed the contradictions of the feminist movement and intriguing implications in feminist arguments, such as when Wollenstonecraft asserts that women should be more masculine and strengthen themselves, she implies that masculine qualities are better than feminine qualities. There was little time to discuss the topic in depth, but I look forward to tomorrow's class on the Fourth of July. The university will be closed, but the Freedom and Justice and Hotel Management students will still have class. One and a half weeks until graduation!

On another note, the Yearbook Club has decided to use my design for the back cover of this year's Cornell University Summer College yearbook!

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