Saturday, July 6, 2013

True Friends

Five out of the six of us in a cage
Things are always better when you have your friends with you. Tomi, Michelle, Christian, Jenna, and I spent the day together and it was great. We went to Ithaca Commons and we explored the place even though we’ve all been there before. It’s another experience with different people.

Over these few weeks, I’ve been more and more comfortable with those of my cohort. I’ve grown quite attached to each of them. Of course I enjoyed their company before the trip, but after spending so much time together, we’ve become as close as sisters. Though we all go out and meet new people, we always come back together and it’s like no time has passed.

We wandered around the Commons and we even ate at A Taste of Thai together. Before, we would have silences when we ate. Now, we can’t seem to stop talking and laughing. I really like this friendship. Others in Summer College may make friends, but after the three weeks, they may lose touch with each other. With the Cornell cohort, we’ve been through so much and it’s hard to lose touch with each other.

Jenna and I in our togas
There was a toga party at my dorm tonight. I’ve always wanted to wear a toga! Jenna and I made our own togas with the bed sheets Cornell provided. I was a bit afraid that no one else would wear togas, but I’m glad Jenna was able to make me brave enough to say, “Who cares what they think? We’d be having fun!” Not many people went to the dance, but we definitely had fun. After a while, Michelle, Tomi, and Christian joined us as well! We danced the night away like the best of friends.

Friendship isn’t about the number of friends you have or how great you look as a group. It’s about being there for each other and understanding one another. I’m very glad I have my cohort as my friends. We’ll always be sticking together and I’m very grateful for that. Thanks to the ILC for bringing us together!

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