Saturday, July 6, 2013

Vintage Inspired

The first person that I met at Cornell approached me saying that she bought temporary hair dye. I thought it was really random, but she was extremely excited to tell me. It wasn't until she reminded me that she loved Tamilyn's hair and that her parents wouldn't allow her to dye her hair that everything clicked. I felt excited for her because she built up the courage to do something that she liked. It's weird to think that here in America, people will dye their hair all sorts of colors, stretch out their ears and proudly show off their tattoos- and it's perfectly normal, but in other countries it's not accepted. My parents probably wouldn't let me dye my hair either, so I look up to her for being daring.

After that, Rochelle, Tomi, Christian, Jenna, and I went to The Commons. It's an area a little off campus with different shops and restaurants. This was the first time I was able to explore beyond the campus besides going to Niagara Falls and the movies the other day. We went to a shop that sold hand-crafted goods. There were tall glassy vases and intricately carved boxes. I wanted to buy stuff, but everything was extremely pricey and difficult to bring back home without breaking. 

We walked down an alley and into another part of the commons. Almost every store that wasn't a restaurant had a very vintage like feel. People sold cute hand-crafted cards, other paper crafts, knit clothing, and beaded accessories. At IthaCards, I bought two art pencils for my cousin and more stamps for the postcards I bought at Niagara Falls. 

Everyone became hungry, so we ate at A Taste of Thai. I love Thai food and I began to feel like I was eating at Thai Spice in Pinole. I ordered a bowl of Tom Yum(Spicy Soup) and a side of rice. The waitress asked me which degree of spiciness I wanted between one and five. I chose three, but that soup was SPICY. It was hotter than a mouth full of hot cheetos or a bow of spicy beef noodle soup. I wonder how hot five would taste like. In the end, we decided to share a plate of coconut custard. There were six jello like cups. They were warm and soft, like a lightly melted marshmallow. I told Mr. Chan-Law and even he agreed that when he ate there, a two was crazy hot.

Today was really relaxing and fun. As the end of the trip nears, us ILC girls are starting to come back together again. The last two weeks were a period where we started to venture out and make new friends. Tonight, we're all going to hang out while meeting other people at the toga party. Risley Hall is throwing it and a lot of people are using their bed sheets as togas. but I think I'll pass. 

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