Saturday, July 6, 2013

Togas and Trinkets Galore

I've never really been one for dances, mostly because of my lack of coordination as well as my hesitation to dance in front of so many people. I was glad I tried new things today, and I have been really inspired to work hard for my future. 

Christian, Michelle, Rochelle, Tomi, and I had breakfast together at RPCC and afterwards were dropped off  at the Commons. I was determined to revisit American Crafts by Robbie Dein, and lead the new visitors through the wonderland of beautiful arts and trinkets. From wooden spoons to miniature kaleidoscopes, plat-growing cards to fully functioning glass putters, everything in the store is skillfully handcrafted in America. Everything was dazzling and had I had the money I probably would have bought everything in the store. The workers were very kind and eager to help, and I left the store with two cards you could plant and grow wildflowers from, a wooden box with a hidden compartment, and a box similar to the latter except it only opens and closes when you tap it at specific points. 

After we purchased gifts for family, we visited several other stores and I was greatly impressed by the diversity and quality of the stores in Ithaca Commons. There was a store with ocarina necklaces, wool llama figurines, quill pens, and sets of sealing wax and seals. After our exploration of the stores, Christian and I revisited A Taste of Thai, a Thai restaurant we had tried two days before, while it was the others' first time.The food was delicious and I tried two new dishes which were to my liking. I love to try new foods, and if I work hard and become successful I will be able to try many more new things. I say "things" because I do not indicatively mean physical objects, but events and other abstract experiences as well. 

I recommend any Ithaca visitor to stop by this store. Prices range from three dollars to several thousand, but there is something for everyone. 
The coconut custard was a new dish to me but I enjoyed it
a lot. 
I have always striven for success, but the stores and new experiences provide concrete inspirations for me. If I work hard and am successful, I will be able to experience and learn more. I enjoy trying new things, and often the end result will be better than I had expected. Tonight, for example, there was a toga dance party Rochelle and I were interested in because it sounded interesting, fun, and new. Toga parties are also a popular event in college so we thought we should get some experience and see what awaited us. At first it was awkward because everyone who came had left because no one was there except the RCAs, but Rochelle and I stayed and met new people as more and more people eventually began to file in. Michelle, Tomi, and Christian eventually joined us and we had a blast dancing, socializing, and during breaks from the dance floor we conversed with the RCAs and explored Risley Hall. 
Rochelle and I in our dorm-made togas, fashioned from spare bed sheets. I have always wanted to wear a toga!
Today was a pleasant opportunity for recovering from the past two weeks of studious class work and provided me with great inspiration to continue working hard toward my future goals. 

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