Wednesday, July 10, 2013

More Than Meets the Eye

Just because you can’t see the hard times doesn’t mean they aren’t there. We learned about housekeeping and casinos today. Hotel rooms look so nice and clean, but there’s more to it than that. Sometimes, germs are spread everywhere because housekeepers use the same rag for the toilet and for cups. It’s not entirely their fault though. Maybe their schedules are too difficult to manage. For example, they may need to clean way too many rooms in a set amount of time.

Though hotel rooms look so perfect, people don’t think about why they’re so perfect. It’s the housekeeping! Many look down on the Housekeeping Department, but the department is very important. Without cleanliness, no one would stay at the hotel. Housekeepers don’t get enough credit for their work. The front desk would rush the housekeepers to clean rooms when guests check-in early. People need to consider other peoples’ feelings and how their actions affect them. I’m not saying that I’m considerate all the time, but I’ll definitely think before I do.

Also, we watched as a casino hotel went through a renovation. It was difficult in the beginning because there was so much to do and so little time. Opening day was so close and there was still so much to do. However, the casino hotel made their deadline. It was a success and everyone loved the casino hotel. Little did they know how much work was put into it. Some may be able to tell, but not many people appreciate the renovation.

There’s really more than meets the eye. Something may seem glamorous, but when we look closely, there is much more underneath the surface.

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