Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Three Turtle Doves

I will begin with a short word on my last title. Yes, I am well aware there is a line in a certain Christmas song which goes "four calling birds," but the line could have just as well been written as "four french hens." Anyway, I do prefer my revised lyric as it at least has alliteration as a poetic touch, and I did see some white bantam hens the other day while passing by a small home with several chickens roaming in its front yard. Today in fact, for the first time since arriving in Cornell University, I saw pigeons on campus-- less commonly and more formally known as rock doves. 

Anyways, I notice my language has become much more colloquial and I suppose it is the result of lack of sleep, stress, or a mental rebellion of mine for having to read pages upon pages of complex, circuitous, and very deep political thought. Karl Marx in particular has been trying my patience since two days ago when I attempted to start early int he readings to get a head start. I respect his complexity of thought and philosophical intelligence, but even 30 pages of his rhetoric was tiring both mentally and physically. 

I have been spending the past few days, and will continue for the rest of this week, reading the class materials and revising my final paper which is due on Thursday. I find it hard to believe that there are only three days until graduation and my cohort's departure from Ithaca, and I will sorely miss everyone I have met and everything I have experienced here on the East Coast. 

A new friend of mine decorated my door while I was out, and it was a refreshing change of pace for me to read the letter rather than Marx's depressing thoughts on Lockean liberalism. 

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