Thursday, July 4, 2013

Independence Day

Unlike many other summer college students, we had class today. Professor Kramnick lectured on the liberal ideas of John Stuart Mill. He related his ideals with those of Locke's as well as texts from Adam Smith. After, in our discussion session, we discussed more about socialization and feminism, and then went into liberalism today and in the past. Nolan ended the discussion session by passing back our essays. Fortunately, we had a short day so we ended at around noon. 
Tess, Monica, Brian, and I at the 4th of July BBQ
We had to go to RPCC for lunch (instead of the usual Trillium because it was closed) Oh, and Happy 4th of July! Today didn't seem like independence day-- probably because there weren't any fireworks (It was postponed to Sunday night instead). The weather was really nice though-- a good 85 degrees-- and the RCAs held a July 4th barbecue outside for all the summer college students in the Court Kay Baur Courtyard. It was relaxing to just socialize in the sun, play tug-o-war, and volleyball! We went back to our dorms for a bit after because the heat was starting to get unbearable. We spent the rest of our day taking shelter from the heat, laying in the grasses when it was cooler, reading some of our homework from our Princeton Reading book, and watching the stars at night.

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