Thursday, July 11, 2013

Cream Puffs Under Pressure

90% of my day was spent putting 120% of effort into our group report. Our professors knew that we needed a lot of time, so we were given ten hours to work on it in the lab. In the first three hours, I worked on the revenue management analysis. It's like an explanation of where we spend your money and why. It's important that these costs are low so that your hotel makes more profit, but you still have to spend enough to attract guests.

Reneta and Mark's lesson for us today was about our behavioral styles again. On the first day of class, we took a behavior test and I was classified as a controller-persuader. The video described controller-persuaders as cream puffs. Someone who is strong on the outside and caring on the inside. Controllers may not express their feelings well, but they truly care about those around them. Each group actually contained a controller, analyzer, stabilizer, and persuader. We reflected on whether we were true to our behavior styles and we mutually decided that the stabilizer in my group was more controlling.

In the computer lab, tensions started growing between different groups. Members were on their phones and not paying attention or submitting inadequate work. Conflicts about word choice and themes broke in the three computer labs. I'm glad that this didn't happen within my group, but it was an eye-opener to see how people did under pressure. 

I spent the next three hours proofreading the whole report. We all wanted to write a detailed report, but the writing became redundant. Stacks and stacks of the report were printed and covered in red pen. We continued to work diligently and refused to leave our seats until it was done. Every time we thought it was perfect, we'd print it just to find out that there were minor mistakes such as font size or lowered captions. When we finally finished, we were relieved to finish before the deadline. It's due tomorrow, but we were not going to let ourselves finish up tomorrow. I don't think I could even sleep if we didn't finish it!

As I walked back to my dorm, my fingers trickled down the railing between myself and the gorgeous gorge. Water was rushing down and the breeze blew in the light air. I noticed that I began paying attention to my every step. Walking slower and slower as I neared my dorm. One more day of class. Has three weeks almost passed already? Have I really been here for three weeks? I almost deluded myself into thinking that maybe if I walked slower, time would become slower too. Time flew by so quickly I can't even wrap my mind around everything that's happened. I don't want to leave. Our summer graduation is in only one day. The people I've spent over 120 hours with are going their separate ways and it'll be a while before we all see each other again. HA1101(our class) is ending, but with two more days, who knows how much more we'll be able to learn.

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