Thursday, July 11, 2013

The Home Stretch

It is hard to accept that today was officially the last day of the Freedom and Justice course. To conclude our final normal day of class, the day's lecture and discussion section were dedicated to the last of the course's theoreticians: Martin Luther King, Jr. and Malcolm X. While both asserted the racial equality of African Americans in society, they had different approaches to attaining this goal. Martin Luther King, Jr. promotes peaceful civil disobedience to achieve integration, Malcolm X wants complete separation from the hypocrisy of America by forming a new community based on black nationalism. 

The last of Professor Kramnick's lectures
By the end of the lecture, Professor Kramnick gave a few farewell words by reciting excerpts from Mark Twain's The War Prayer. The thought of not going to lecture hall and beginning the daily lecture after Professor Kramnick took off his wristwatch made me feel a little upset. 
My discussion section 
Our last discussion section was not as sentimental, as we only elaborated on the ideals of both civil rights activists. But I could not help but sadness once gain because this was the last time I would see all these familiar faces gathered in our scheduled section room. 

Nolan, our TA, during the last discussion section
Even though class has ended, all the Freedom and Justice students have one final obstacle standing between them and graduation: the final exam. For hours upon hours, Jenna, Tamilyn, and I have been studying together by discussing the connections between all the philosophers we have learned and revising their major arguments. We are all pretty tired, but I believe that we have all managed to help each other prepare for the exam. Wish us luck!

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