Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Staying indoors

After missing my alarm yesterday, I made sure I was on time today. Before leaving, I looked out my window and saw dark cloudy skies, so I grabbed my umbrella. When I walked out though, humid air rushed passed me and I started to regret carrying an umbrella around. However, it was definitely a good idea to do so because it started randomly storming a few hours later. 

Professor Kramnick gave us a few tips on studying for tomorrow's midterm and then began his lecture on a historical background of feminism. For some reason, today's lecture felt like it went by relatively quickly. We moved to our discussion room two floors up and continued our talk from yesterday on Locke's political theory. After Nolan clarified any misunderstandings of confusions we had about Locke's view on property and natural rights, he began to review us for the pre-lim. He took us through each of the essay choices on Part I of the practice exam he handed out. He taught us how we might approach each essay prompt and gave us a few tips on how to keep track of how long we take for each section. We then moved on to Part II of the practice exam, where short answers were required. For each of the problems, we went around the room trying to take apart the requirements and briefly answering them. After Nolan dissected the practice test and showed us the steps to each part, I feel a lot better about tomorrow's exam.

We also had our 3rd guest speaker: Judge Judith Rossiter this afternoon. Our past two speakers were trial attorneys so I found it interesting to learn about a trial case from a new perspective.

After class was over, Christian and I walked down to the Cornell student store, met up with Mr. Chanlaw, and picked out our Cornell sweaters. We walked back to our dorms just as it was about to rain, and I met Haswiny, my RA, for a second personal interaction. This week is diversity week so most of our conversation involved culture related topics.

The rest of my day will be dedicated to studying for my midterm tomorrow. I will try my best to get a good night's sleep and I am definitely ordering insomnia cookies later.

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