Wednesday, July 10, 2013


Two days before graduation! Everyone has been exceptionally busy these past few days studying for final projects, and tomorrow the stress will only increase. I heard the roar of thunder later this afternoon and in a fanciful daze of mine after being mind-blown by another one of Kevin's enlightening discussions, I thought the tension from worried students was disrupting the charged clouds above. 

Besides the people I have met, discussion sections is one of the aspects of Cornell University Summer College that I will miss the most. At first I was a little hesitant to speak out in fear of being wrong, but now I raise my hand and share my thoughts with confidence, because even if my answer is not exactly spot-on, it contributes to the discussion. I also enjoy using the chalkboard, which I now find more favorable than the common dry erase boards. 

During the break before discussion the students like to socialize and cheer everyone up after a long lecture.
The board reads: applesauce > Kevin > Marx > Jesus.
During the session, though, the board gets covered with philosophical jargon.

I will really miss my three weeks here, and so I will study hard and hopefully finish on a good note by performing well on the final assignments. I have been dedicating most of my time today to revising my final paper on Plato's critique of democracy which is due tomorrow, and Friday is the day of the final exam. 

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