Wednesday, July 3, 2013


Instead of feeling worried about a possible quiz today, I found myself hoping there was a quiz. Since yesterday was one of my most productive days in the class, I knew I would ace the quiz. Sadly, there was no quiz given. I knew the information we learned well and I looked forward to showing how prepared I was.

Mark taught us how to properly use Excel today. It was all new to me since I would just use Excel to make tables. Now, I can use it to input any data. I really enjoy learning how to use the Microsoft Office Suite properly. After this course, I’m sure I’ll be able to save a lot of time when I write essays and other paperwork for homework. Even if it doesn’t help me much during my senior year, it’ll definitely help me in college.

I didn’t fall behind today! Whenever we worked on Microsoft Word, I’d try to take notes and follow Mark at the same time, but it wouldn’t work out. Today, I was able to write excellent notes AND follow him.

In addition to feeling ready for the quiz that never came, I felt ready for anything. I was glad I stayed late yesterday to finish more homework. That way, I wouldn’t have to stay as late today or tomorrow. This is course is very good at making sure students manage their time.

Although many think the Hotel Management Course is too difficult and time consuming, I think it’s very helpful for the future. Some courses may teach a few things to last a few weeks, but this class teaches things to last a lifetime. The Microsoft Office Suite will definitely be useful at school or at work. By learning how to use it properly now, I’d be able to produce work that excels the work of others. Also, with my newfound way of managing my time, I will be less stressed about deadlines and due dates. I’m very glad that the ILC gave me this opportunity to better my future.

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