Sunday, July 7, 2013

Last Sunday

For the first time over the past few weeks, I woke up without my alarm clock. It was such a great feeling to wake up because I felt rested and not because I had to. Today was the last Sunday we’d be spending at Cornell. I couldn’t explore the campus, but I got a lot of work done.

The mandatory office hours on Sundays were a drag before, but now I’m grateful for them. They don’t let me procrastinate because I do my homework then. Though I haven’t been procrastinating here, I still end up staying up late to finish work or study. If I didn’t have mandatory office hours, I’d be up even later.

I was talking to a girl about Chinese dramas today. She lives in Shanghai, but she really likes to watch the shows from Hong Kong. I’m the same way as well. I live in California, but I love watching shows from Hong Kong. It’s nice that I could have something in common with so many people here. She introduced me to another show with my favorite actors in it and I can’t wait to get back home to watch it. It turns out that most people like to know and learn about other cultures. Though Shanghai and Hong Kong aren't drastically different in terms of culture, there is still a difference and people generally enjoy these kinds of differences.

On this last Sunday, I’m going to prepare myself for the last week at Cornell. It really went by fast. It feels like we were just in Chicago yesterday. Though this trip has been nice and informative, I can’t wait to get back home.

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