Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Words of Wisdom

I’ve always had issues with self-confidence. In the class, I always feel inferior to my peers because I don’t have a business background and I didn’t know much about hotels before the course started. During the first week, I had a hard time keeping up with Mark when he taught us how to use the Microsoft Office Suite properly. People always say to believe in yourself, but it’s not an easy thing to do.

The Cornell Cohort ate Korean food with Yueming Wang for dinner today. It was so great to hear from someone actually from Hercules High School that actually goes to Cornell. She knows what our classes are like and she has more experience. It’s almost like she has had the best of both worlds, West and East Coasts.

I really enjoyed listening to her talk because she was so relatable. When she took the Hotel Management Course, she had issues with self-confidence as well because she didn’t know much about hotels at first either. I was so glad to hear that she made it through successfully even though she didn’t have a business background. It was very empowering because I feel like I can definitely be successful in the class as well.

She really emphasized how as an incoming freshman, she didn’t think she’d be able to keep up with the others at Cornell because she didn’t come from the top school districts of the country. After her first year though, she was doing quite well in comparison to those who did. She felt more confident and she knew she could do anything as long as she put her mind to it. Even if she has a huge workload, she keeps working hard because she knows it will be worth it in the end.

I wasn’t really considering Cornell before, but after Yueming spoke to us, I think she may have changed my mind. For one, I didn’t really like how Cornell was so isolated. However, according to Yueming, the isolation is good because it keeps students focused on work. That’s a very good point. I won’t be going to college to go crazy and only have fun. I’ll be going for the education. If I get distracted easily, I’d lose my focus and end up doing poorly in school. Of course I’d want to have fun in college too, but New York City is only a few hours away. By going to a more isolated school, I’d have my priorities straight and not get distracted all the time.

Yueming also pointed out that though we are at Summer College, real college is not really the same. The people are different, the food’s different, and there are more chances to meet new people. I’m already meeting so many different people and learning about so many cultures that I can’t even imagine who else I’d be meeting if I were fortunate enough to attend Cornell. Bottom line, Cornell is very diverse and I enjoy diversity.

It turns out that Yueming has become very independent after going to Cornell. Since Cornell is so far from home, she wouldn’t be able to rely on her parents to do everything for her. Though I’ve had a small taste of what that is like, it would be completely different to be that independent for months at a time. She admitted that she didn’t really know how to cook before this summer. I can relate to her so much! I never cook, but today I barbequed the meat for those on my half of the table. I felt so accomplished because I usually wait for my parents to make the food for me. I’m already becoming so independent. I can’t wait to see how independent I become when I really go to college.

Today was full of inspiration. Yueming’s words of wisdom really got to me. Even though college should be fun, I have to know my priorities. In order to do that, I can’t go to a school with a lot of distractions because I know I get distracted easily. Also, just because we’re at Summer College right now, it doesn’t mean this is really what college is like. There are definitely going to be a few differences.

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