Thursday, July 11, 2013

The CHESS Endgame

15 hours-that's how long may group and I have spent working on our CHESS Report. Today's "class" was than an an schoolday and more like a 13 hour study hall, with entire day being exclusively dedicated writing and revising our reports. It was a long, tiring process filled with equal amount of frustration and gratification. In the end, I'm quite proud of what we managed to accomplish-even Mark and Reneta complemented, praising both our content and our formatting. 

Whilst working on the paper, I realized that the assignment was more than a culmination of all our course material, it was also a the ultimate test of our teamwork skills. Through this project, I was able to experience both the highs and lows of group work all at once, from to discourse and disagreements to conflict resolution and compromising, my group went through it all. I believe that this project was just as much about learning how to establish balance and harmony within a group as it was about analyzing and presenting what we've learned thus far. 

In order to allow us a chance to relax, Mark and Reneta had us watch a video further describing the characteristic of our behavioral styles. As a Stabilizer-Analyzer I am both the "idea fuller" and the "quality control," and as such I strive to both avoid conflict and complete my work to the possible highest standard. The video made sure to stress the importance of having each of behavioral styles present within a group, as complement and accentuate each other's strengths while also subsidies for one another's weaknesses. 

Overall, today was a very stressful, yet satisfying day. My group and I were able to complete our CHESS Report well before the deadline, but at the cost of sacrificing dinner and any rest. It was quite the interesting experience, however, and I'm sure that despite all the hard work and long hours, I'm going to miss this class very much.

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