Thursday, July 11, 2013


Today was stressful, yet it wasn’t. We all worked on our final reports the whole day with one lecture. In fact, I'm still working in the computer lab as I'm writing this blog. The lecture wasn’t really a lecture. It was more like a class discussion. In the “lecture,” we watched a video about our behavioral styles first. Remember when I found out I was an Analyzer-Stabilizer? The description said I was indecisive and I work best in a peaceful environment. The video we watched today gave me an in-depth assessment of myself. One by one, each behavior was discussed in its purest form.

Controllers are idea generators. They need action and change and that leads to controllers being in charge all the time. They like to work fast and they expect fast results. The speaker in the video said that controllers are impatient and walk fast. I thought it was so accurate! One person in my group is definitely a controller. Remember when I talked about how people on the East Coast walk fast? It may be the controller in my group mate that made her walk so fast. It was very funny how accurate the speaker was.

Persuaders are positive, optimistic, and intuitive. They tend to be good speakers and they provide energy. Their strengths include being extremely flexible and they trust people easily. Also, they like recognition. Basically, a persuader is a people-person. The persuader of my group is definitely a people person. He is friends with so many people!

Stabilizers create harmony and avoid conflict at all costs. They love networks and want to be appreciated. A great thing about stabilizers is that they don’t go back on their word. Though this isn’t my dominant behavior, I can definitely tell the speaker was describing a part of me. I really do want to be appreciated and I work best in a peaceful environment.

Analyzers follow rules all the time and use facts, data, and history. They don’t fight unless they have data to back them up. They have high standards and are very thorough in work. This is definitely me! I always go by the rules. I abide by the rules and protocols so much that I lack creativity. Also, when an analyzer’s work is criticized, the analyzer takes the criticism to heart. That is me as well! I take things very seriously. Sometimes even jokes become offensive. It’s very different to hear someone describe me like that, even if they weren’t describing me directly in person.

Though the speaker spoke about each behavior’s strengths, he always emphasized on how each group needed a person of each behavioral style. Without a controller, work wouldn’t get done. With persuaders, the work environment wouldn’t be as positive. Without stabilizers, there wouldn’t be enough harmony. Without analyzers, rules would be broken. I think Mark and Reneta did a great job of putting groups together because each group had each behavioral style. However, every person has each behavioral style in them. Some behaviors are just more obvious than others. Also, some people change their dominant behavior depending on the situation.

I’ve learned so much about myself and about others. For example, controllers come off as cold and distant, but they’re just seeing the big picture. There’s no need to be offended by it. I’ll definitely work on embracing each of my behaviors. Maybe I’ll be able to be a controller and walk fast one day. It could happen as long as I put my mind to it.

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