Sunday, July 7, 2013

A Helping Hand

While I have enjoyed many adventures during our last weekend in Ithaca, today was dedicated to completing our summer college weekend assignments. By 10 AM, Tamilyn and I went to the computer lab at RPCC to continue working on our homework. The air-conditioning of the room was very helpful in keeping me alert while I revised my Plato essay. After brunch, we decided to return to my dorm room to resume our studying, realizing that if we stayed in the lab, we would not have been able to openly discuss aspects of our readings. Our productivity was at an all time high for the duration of our five hour study session. As a break, I met up with Jenna and returned to RPCC for dinner.

During the evening, Jenna, Tamilyn, and I stayed in my room to peer review each others essays and answer questions we had regarding the weekend reading. Back home, I am accustomed to barricading myself in my room and studying in solitude. But today I realized that working together in small groups can be a more enjoyable way to study and productively collaborate with others. If I needed feedback about the cohesiveness of one of my body paragraphs or clarification on the meaning behind a philosopher's text, Jenna and Tamilyn were there to assist. I am so grateful to that ILC brought us together and indirectly caused the formation of our friendships.

It is surreal to believe that this is the last Sunday I will be in the East Coast and will be back in California in less than six days. But until then, I must brace myself the last week of the Freedom and Justice course, during which our final essays will be turned on Thursday and our final exam will be administered on Friday morning. 

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