Friday, July 12, 2013


After the final, Christian and I had our last lunch at Trillium today, and afterwards Gloria and I embarked on our final trip through the Commons. We bought souvenirs and explored more of Ithaca's culture, and after almost two hours we met up with Rochelle, Christian, and Helen to explore the campus. We took pictures on the grass-covered roof of the Cornell Bookstore, with the Cornell University sign, and in various scenic spots near the arts quad. 

After the talent show was paused for intermission, Rochelle and I left to explore the campus. We went through several buildings and even visited the bowling room in the fitness center and discovered an old observatory from the 1900s. While trying to find a path to the actual building on a small hill we saw three deer who seemed oddly accustomed to humans. I stopped to take pictures (without flash of course) and two of the deer simply stared at me while the other one continued to amiably munch the grass. Rochelle and I continued on our journey and eventually arrived at the doorstep of the observatory. There were only two people in the building, but they were very kind and showed us some of the attractions. Unfortunately the telescope upstairs was closed because of the cloudy weather, but we still were able to see many cool new things such as transparent images of astrological bodies. 

On the way back to our dorms, I printed out a picture I had graphically manipulated as a farewell poster to Kevin, and the color printer int he lab printed the image on eight sheets of paper. It was an unexpected outcome, but I managed to borrow scissors from Rochelle and tape from Michelle, and put the sheets together into a large poster I will have my discussion group sign tomorrow before graduation when we will present it to Kevin. 

These past three weeks have been stressful, challenging, fun, and ultimately irreplaceable. I have learned many things, experienced a lot, and I will miss everything about Cornell University, from the people here to the Insomnia Cookies company. I still have to pack among other tasks, and I should rest in preparation for tomorrow's departure. I look forward to seeing my family again, as well as meeting the French foreign exchange student who will be living with my family and I for the next few weeks, but I also am unwilling to leave. However, all good things must come to an end, and after receiving my certificate and bidding farewell to my new friends and to Cornell University's Summer College, I will be on my way back to the East Coast- to home. 

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